May 11, 2009

A Sign of Things to Come..?

So to continue the last post, about the trip with the nice passengers etc...

Once arrived at the airport, I had to stop a couple times to help some of the passengers from our flight who got lost in the building. Once they were on their way, it was on to the crew bus and to the hotel. Then of course as I wrote, drinks and dinner with the crew. Next morning we were all bleary eyed for the early morning departure, our passengers were pretty much the same so we just fed everyone breakfast and then let them sleep, only coming through to bring water and such every now and again.

Before we had taken off, we had to sit on the taxiway for awhile as the airport was busy with morning departures. The captain even made a PA saying it would possibly be 10 minutes. At that point I knew I could lean forward in my seat and look out the viewing window on my door to watch what was going on outside. We moved forward a bit in the takeoff queue, and when I next looked out of my window I saw one of these:

Interesting. If I was one of those people who believed in signs, I might make something of it. *grin*

In between flights I've just been doing the usual. Studying for SEP, meeting up with friends for coffee, and yes, I did do a tiny bit of shopping. I've been pretty good though. I only bought a jacket which I've been wanting for ages, and with winter coming I think it was a good buy. I've got it with me at the moment, and wearing it around on my layover, I was so glad I bought it. I also used two reserve days to organise my bedroom, categorise my shoes and mark ones out to be got rid of- though no doubt I'll be regretting it next year when all of those said shoes become 'in' again and worth a bit of money! isn't it always the way!

One last bit. A post on Twitter got me thinking about tips to help remember to take all of one's belongings when leaving a hotel room.

Here's an inside crew trick (especially good for newbie crew, or those who don't travel often, to get into the habit of checking) I learnt this one very early on after losing jewellery and an mp3 player in hotels...

When you put your stuff in the hotel safe (whatever it is, you obviously value it, right?)

take one of your uniform shoes and place into the safe also. Voila! Even if it means two minutes of blind panic searching for your shoe so you don't miss pickup, you will eventually remember where you put it, and thus discover that your precious belongings are still in the safe.

Another method I use is to switch on every light and lamp as I get ready for pickup. As i pack, and check each area is free of belongings, I switch off the light, leaving the foyer light until right before I leave. Right before I close the door behind me, I know that if I see a light on, there's stuff I've forgotten.

Those are just some of the things I've learnt in my flying career.

One last tip? If you forget something, and recall it while you're still in the hotel GO BACK YOURSELF. This ESPECIALLY applies in hotels where they 'hot bed' the rooms...

by the time you get to reception and ask, the maids could be in the room and if they're dodgy, you'll never see your stuff again.

Happy travels!

Pictures: Etihad A340(griffs0000 @ Flickr) Safe(Hotel Management Network) Hotel Maid(


  1. Uniform shoe in safe : best travel tip ever ! Has worked wonders so far for me. and it has become a ritual. To add to this, please have all your valuables INSIDE the safe including laptop (they often have enough space depending from which side you're shuving it in. I have been working in the hotel industry and it's ugly !

  2. Love the uniform shoe in safe too! Good tips there Tray!


  3. Signs of things to come, all I can say I believe it is true.

    When I was rolling down the runway at Los Angeles, on a SQ 744 I saw an Air New Zealand 744 lining up next to take off. Guess what plane I was flying on the next year? :)

    My trips on AC to and from Toronto, involved seeing a LH 747 parked at the side of us...Some years later I was on a Lufthansa jet.

    Okay I don't start flying on every airline I land up seeing outside my window, the moment I get into my seat, but where I feel a strong vibe I actually do land up flying with them.

    TT, I do believe this is a sign of things to come!


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