June 13, 2009

In My Free Time...

Hello again blog world, it's me, TT. Yes, I've been a bit lazy with the posting of late, but really there hasn't been that much to tell. I'm sure there is, if you like small, everyday details, bnut I don't have the energy to make one of those posts right now. I've been awake for quite awhile, and as is often the case with jetlag, just when I want to sleep I can't seem to. I've had a pretty full-on week or so of flights, with red-eyes, early starts, late finishes and minimum home time between trips, so as you can imagine I was feeling pretty wiped by this morning. Now that I've worked my max days in a row, I get a day off to rest and hopefully do some more of this:

You may have noticed that I, like Airboy, have succumbed to the Twitter craze, and am actually finding it a good in-between for the days I don't feel like posting on my blog. I do have Facebook, but for obvious reasons, keep that pretty much to real life friends & family. Twitter is great for interacting with everyone else who may not read my blog, but still want to have a conversation about airlines or travel, or to swap pictures, ask questions and so forth. So, if my posts are a bit lacking, make sure to pop by Twitter and have a look. You can read my Tweets (hehe) by clicking here =).

Aside from catching up on sleep & housework, I'm also planning on catching up with some friends, and also in a bit of exciting news, I'm working on a to-be-revealed project which is keeping me both busy & excited about the possibilities. Also stay tuned for some posts about really really cool, and really really sucky things that happen when you fly the skies for a living.

The always-awesome SkyHighBoy and I have been trying to catch up, but it seems that our respective scheduling departments have it in for us, and we are literally ending up on the opposite sides of the country at any given time, which makes it extremely difficult! One of these days, SHB!!!!!


  1. I've been reading you at facebook and Twitter but would much prefer you BLOG! lol

    Today I "judged" the Royal Jordanian aerobatic team... they perform at one of the air shows I MUST attend as an "official" lol

  2. Just checked out you tweets - I bet you bought a butt-bra!

  3. Westy, I too prefer my blog but I've decided I'm only going to post if I have a lot of worthwhile things to say. Anything 'smaller' will go on Twitter. It's my way of not getting sucked into spending too much time online, so I can concentrate on my 'project' =)

    Lerm, I'd only buy one if it got rid of ass, I have too much as it is with all the junk I've been eating the last month!

  4. Twitter is quite fun isn't it! I use it mostly to interact with other f/a's from different airlines. Glad you are tweeting!


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