June 30, 2009

Week's Wrap-Up

I've been a bit slack again (I blame the disgusting weather) so those posts are gonna be a little bit longer coming...

The winter PJ's are out, the heater's been cranked up, and all the crew are complaining bitterly about the rainy weather, struggling in from the crew carpark looking like sad wet seagulls caught in a gale. The dryer in the bathroom has been working overtime as we struggle to maintain uniform, hair and make-up to company standards. Needless to say, it's only kind of working.

The incidences of medical problems has gone through the roof. Whait is it about cold weather-does it make everyone depressed and thus more likely to get sick?

Amongst all that, I managed to have an awesome meet-up with both SkyHighBoy and Vanishing Point on my last Sydney layover. It was awesome, one of the first and one of the more recent bloggers I have known, got to meet, and of course there were stories & gossip galore! The weather was a bit funny but I had a great time, and I hope they did too. Poor SHB was still waiting back for an answer to his mystery allergy, but still came out to meet us. (I think he was getting a bit sick of being off work huh). More on the adventures later.

And in news today, Yemenia Airlines have lost an A310 off the Comoros Islands. It's always a sad thing to have a crash, but I think even more so as this has been a very sad month for aviation. Hopefully they can get to a cause as soon as possible, and more quickly than AF447, as it's quite close to shore this time.

For my faves, if you haven't already, check out my 'Laviator' pics on the Galley Curtain blog!! =)


  1. I must admit - I am enjoying the cool suit wearing weather. Glad to hear that all is well in TT world. In Syd myself ATM. Massive night tonight!

  2. Wow! Have you two actually met in person??? ;)

    Good to see you back Tray! Hope we get to hook up real soon!!!!


  3. Thanks M! Hope it's massively good but not too massive a hangover... :P

    GoT, check my Facebook for the proof! ehehe Yes will have to add you to the list as well!!!

  4. I work for your 'sister' airline in America and I am still waiting for benefits on the same branded airline that can get me to finally visit Australia.

    I'd like to experience your weather myself! :)

  5. It's really strange having lived in Canada for such a long time, and to come to Sydney and be cold. I'm talking of being cold inside the homes there as opposed to being cold outside! I came once in July and actually sat in front of the heater, much to the amusement of my Aussie cousins. Would really help if the homes were centrally heated like over here.


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