July 22, 2009

Crew Confession #1

I originally posted this as a comment on Heather's blog, but thought it deserved an airing here, too. I might have the urge to fess up to a few more misdeeds throughout my blogging days, nothing too bad of course, but we all have those 'moments'... hehe

Confession #1

I once rebooked a woman into a different (read: crappier) seat on a flight because we had difficulties with her reservation and she called me all sorts of names in another language she didn’t think I or my co-worker understood!

Needless to say, she would have loved 5 hours next to the lav on the plane we affectionately called ‘Stinky’ ;)


In other inanities, at the mall today I returned to the car with my shopping, only to hear rather mumbled shouting from the car parked next to mine. In it were two kids, no older than 5, waving & laughing at me. I waved back, then I noticed that they'd been left in the car on their own. With the keys in the car, and the radio on. Now, I get it if you're stepping out of the car to post a letter, or get gas. But GOING TO THE MALL? Like, hello! If the kids are older, like 12 or whatever, fine, for a few minutes, to get milk. But under 5s???

These kids were friendly to me, so I wonder what would happen if someone came up & tried to get them out of the car. I waited around a bit in my car, & eventually someone turned up. I felt like saying something, but as I don't have kids of my own, it probably would be seen as interfering. But I felt like telling the parent, 'hey by the way your kids were waving and talking to me through the window, saying hey lady come here, hello lady! Who knows, they might have come with me if I had wanted them to, just because I was a lady. And some kids thinkk 'stranger danger' is only from men.

Anywho. I kind of wish I'd said something. Any comments from parents welcome. Would you have said something, or are you happy to leave your kids for a few minutes, if the car is locked? (Bearing in mind it's not summer here, and was just getting dark)


  1. Now the question being... Why was the woman calling you and your co-worker names in the other language?

  2. She turned up on the wrong date & couldn't understand why the fare was forfeited. We were perfectly happy to re-book her at no extra cost, but then she let loose with the names. She got on the flight all right, but one can't abuse the check-in staff with no consequences.. :P

    I'm not proud of it, but if someone calls me a s-ut, then they're gonna get a crappy seat :P

  3. Don't blame you at all - people like that should be fucked over at every opportunity

  4. Yep stinky seat is kinda nice compared to what you had to deal with. I would of given her a middle seat with two kevins to keep her company.

  5. Hey Tray. Would I have said something? Probably not. I doubt anything anyone could say would have had an impact. Maybe if you'd moved the car 50m or so using the keys she thoughtfully left for any random car thieves in the area... might give her enough of a fright to not do it again.
    Toooo many chances for disaster in myriad forms, leaving young kids in a car out of sight IMHO.

  6. Hi there! Re the kids in the car, I would have called the cops. After seeing on Oprah special ( I know.. lame) on a woman who ducked out leaving her three kids in the car for only two minutes to go back into the house for something while they waited in the car on the street. The kids messed with the central locking and the older child messed with the cigarette lighter and burnt three of them to death! Extreme - yes.. still I can never forget that one.

    That's my two cents. xx SKM

  7. I would have said something about the kids in the car. A security guard would be my first stop. I have a little girl and I CANNOT imagine leaving her alone in the car.

  8. drej08- What a brilliant idea. That would show her! I have no wish to get done for auto theft, however... :P

    Wow SKM! That side of things had never even crossed my mind, how awful!


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