July 15, 2009

Travel Fever...

Hello blog world... I know... I'm so lazy... got so much to blog about (that I promised to blog) but I seem to have a writer's block or something...

So, I will just write here & whatever comes out... is what you get. Ehehe.

parked on the couch with a doona (quilt for my non-Aussies) laptop and cable tv. Plenty of trash tv to be had. Now that my tax cheque has finally cleared, I'm investing in a few things for my trip.

On my list:

* Comfy travel pillow/blanket (Wanted a Pambee, but a bit out of my budget right now)
* Memory card backup (in case camera gets lost/stolen, & don't have to carry 10 cards)
* A travel bag (Pacsafe, for the anti-pickpocket features... good for Italy!)

I found the CUTEST travel pillow/blanket set, by Lug Travel, called the NapSac. Kinda like the PamBee, but in plush fabric. They don't ship to Australia (boohoo) but a kind FA on Twitter has offered to send it on for me if I order it & send it to her. Yay for crew helping crew!!

I found the Pacsafe bag I wanted on sale, but being a girl, I hated the puke-green colour (black was not on sale) and I figure it will get dirty, besides we all know black goes with everything! Good old eBay turned up the bag I wanted, in black, for half the price it costs here, INCLUDING postage from the UK. Woot!

Of course I am the queen of eye shades, travel-sized toiletries & all that jazz, so no need to buy any of those. But looking is still fun! :D

At the moment, I'm at the mercy of Scheduling, being on reserve, and so far it's been pretty quiet. Lots of crew have picked up trips, but not me. I'm hoping to pick up one to Melbourne when Airboy is there, so we can have a blogger's meetup. We'll see!!!

I have some blog posts to make about recent flights, but some of those will be on the Galley Curtain blog (due to bitching gossip about pax & other crew) So stay tuned for those.

Some of the things I have to write about:

* Super-disrupted layover where we ended up 1000miles from our intended destination
* Cute non-regular hotel we got to stay in, wish it were our regular hotel!
* The most vomit I've seen come from one human being EVER...
* Bitchy colleagues & lazy-ass crew members
* Love-life gossip (not much of my own, sadly)


  1. I love how you call buying things - investing!

    Good luck with your scheduling!

  2. Well it IS, if I'm going to use the stuff on all future trips... :P

    So far no joy, kinda hoping to get called out so I don't have to clean the house! :P

  3. TT, I've heard through TampaxTowers that you were such an amazing individual it would be an honor to actually meet you. I saw Q**** leaving in their jazzy buz this evening in SIN and straight foward thought of you. I am gagging to meet you and have a great time ! If you can make it to MEL that would be awesome ! My Bro is due to fly with any airline by the 20th, keep you posted ! In Any case I'm willing to travel that far (from Dubai to meet you and SHB) even if it's for a day or two !.

    We need to dominate this side of the world some how !!

    You take care !

    Bisous ! Ben. (bisous means kisses in french)...

  4. Airboy, that would be AWESOME!!! We need to arrange it somehow... :P

    If I had notice I could get a staff ticket to wherever you guys layover (Syd, Mel Bne) At the moment just waiting for a call from sched, but they said they are thinking of making me 'Not Required' tomorrow *sobsob*

    We shall see!!!! I will FB & Tweet you shouold they come up with the goods & give me a MEL!

  5. TT I heard that term Doona a lot when I was in Sydney, and I soon caught on to what it was LOL.
    If you and Airboy meet, that will be the most awaited blogs from both of you LOL.

    I think I'll pass on the blog about the vomit. Just thinking of it makes me want me to barf myself...yuck!


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