August 27, 2009

Checking In & Taking Off

It's me, I'm back again! Phew, busy few days, so not much time for Tweeting... noticed I dropped a few 'followers', guess I'm not chatty enough for them! :P

Aside from a couple of flights I also had to go do a bit of training, nothing bad just routine stuff. It was ok though, as I got to catch up with FAs that I know in other bases, and also meet some new ones who were cool.

Speaking of meeting & cool, I once again got to hang out with Mel of Tampax Towers while she was back in Oz. We had only a short visit, but managed to fit in browsing in Borders bookshop, eating sushi & teriyaki chicken in DJ's food hall (mmmm, yummy!) and of course Gloria Jean's (apparently they're evil, I wass reminded of this random posting someone made on my blog awhile ago, which we laughed about)

Also being both flight attendants, and girls, we even managed to shop a bit. Mel got some goodies for her dad, and I to-ed and fro-ed over a skirt which at first looked a bit hideous but then I actually liked. Mel's sage advice was to think about it and not buy it on the spot. (I went back later & bought it- hehe!) Hope you had a good flight back to Dubai, and have fun on your holidays!

As if one meeting wasn't fun enough, I also had dinner with SkyHighBoy, we had a nice walk around Darling Harbour

then stuffed ourselves with food. Oh and of course made a detour to the fudge shop. I got Choc Macadamia, and SHB being the foodie he is, couldn't resist the sampler, so he could get as many flavours as possible!

The train ride back to the hotel was interesting, let's just say Sydney is full of some strrrrrange people on the train! But it was ok, not scary at all & still quite busy that time of night with people going home from work or out with friends. Managed somehow to still shop, by going to Woolworth's to buy water & cereal and walking out with new foundation (?)

I probably won't be around much, if at all before my vacation, so I leave you with the following picture... enjoy & be good!

And before I go, make sure to stop by and say hi to Fe, a new blogger and soon-to-be FA who is joining Etihad Airways in October. Welcome to Blogger Fe! =D

(All photos (c) By Traytable 2009)


  1. Remind me where you are going on vacation?

  2. Have a safe and wonderful trip - Shop up a storm!

  3. Awesome to catch up Tray. Will prolly be in town around December so will def catch up then :-)

    Enjoy your European extravaganza!

  4. Please see for my thoughts on Flying During the Flu Pandemic. I'd like to know your thoughts.

    Best wishes,

    Diana Fairechild


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