August 31, 2009

In Transit.... and I Laviated!

Hello blog people!

I'm currently cooling my heels waiting for my next flight in Changi Airport, Singapore. While I've travelled here in my FA life many a time, it's the first time I've a) been a passenger and b) had so much time to look around. Visiting Terminal 3 is also a first. While it's new and shiny, and has heaps of cool stuff like free baggage trolleys, koi fish ponds, a butterfly house & free foot massagers, most of the shops are too ritzy to buy anything from.

So far my airport purchases include an inflatable pillow (regular shaped ones made my neck hurt on last flight), a Kinder Bueno bar and a br/unch of spaghetti with a glass of OJ. The restaurant has free internet for patrons, and although I bought a meal I'm definitely getting a vibe of 'hurry up'from the staff. Too bad, 10 bucks should get me at least an hour of surfing :P And it's not even busy!

Flight here was pretty good. I was surprised by a couple of things. Got given an amenity kit, which actually contained only socks and a toothbrush (not even eye shades on a red-eye flight!). Good thing I BYO all that stuff!

The other thing I found unusual is that on SQ, the seatbelt sign coming on doesn't actually seem to mean anything. It came on 3 times during the flight for turbulence, and while the usual PA was made, the FAs continued to walk around doing work. I figured maybe it just applied to the passengers, but then quite a few got up to use the bathroom or rummage in their overhead bags, and went unchallenged by the crew!

Ok, I'm still getting looks, so I better cut this short. Next flight up is on the mammoth beast of the skies, the mighty A380. Let's see if it lives up to the hype!

PS- I laviated!!!! :D

PPS- Singapore Girls are even cuter in person. All so pretty. In-charge of economy seemed a tad grumpy though, maybe she was just in a rush and not grumpy?


  1. Hey TT, Glad to see you are off on your big trip, and soon to get on the Mammoth A380. Hoping to hear all about it, as well as your holiday when you reach your destination.

  2. Will that be your first time on an A380? You'll have to tell us all about it...


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