August 20, 2009

From the Cabin

I've had so many things to write about lately, but what with Tweeting, flying, getting ready for my vacation & catching up on all the good blogs out there, I've gotten a little bit behind. So, here's a few highlights from recent trips.

BYO? Oh no!

On a recent red-eye flight, I was coming down the cabin, aft to forward, clearing rubbish to save the cleaners time once we arrived at our destination. Most of the passengers were asleep, with a few watching movies on their laptops or listening to music and reading. As I came down the cabin, I was taking cups & bottles from seat pockets. I took a stack of plastic cups out of the seat pocket of one guy who was reading. He said thanks, then I noticed the neck of a spirit bottle sticking out of the pocket. I pulled it out & it was empty. I said to the passenger that 'BYO' is not allowed as the plane is considered a licensed area. He tried to say he had bought it from one of the other flight attendants. Um, hello we only sell minis, not 250ml bottles!! Haha. I warned him he should not do this & if we caught him drinking his own alcohol again he would be in trouble.

Crew Pest

There's a particular crew member who I've had the 'pleasure' of flying with a few times now. She is quite possibly one of the laziest crew members I've ever seen. For example, as soon as there is any work to be done (clearing in, helping a sick pax, juice runs) she's nowhere to be seen. She doesn't even have the brains to at least LOOK busy (as every FA knows, always carry something) Anyway, recently we had an issue with lots of luggage during boarding. I was trying to deal with it as best I could, as well as get everyone seated so that we could close the main door. On top of that, I had to brief the overwing exit rows and Lazy Louise was doing absolutely nothing to help me. Later, the manager asked what the delay was, she was quite angry as they have to explain whatever reasons make us delayed in departure. I thought, stuff this, I am totally not taking the blame. I was doing everything I could. So, Lazy Louise got a lesson in teamwork & doing her part that day!

Unscheduled Leanover

Due to weather delays, my scheduled 4 leg day turned into an unplanned layover, which despite being extremely short, turned out to be not too bad as we got put up in a different hotel to where crew normally stay in that city. It had great views and the beds were really comfy.

I was just disappointed that we didn't have time to enjoy the hotel. It really sucked having only about 10 hours between arriving & leaving. I didn't really sleep very well & we had a 10-hour day ahead of us. Fortunately, most of the crew (different for each of our 5 legs) were pretty good. The morning of checking out, I was getting dressed ready for pickup when this really loud, strange noise started. It sounded at first like workmen using a drill or jackhammer, but then got louder and sounded like a helicopter landing on the floor above. I rang the front desk, who didn't seem too concerned, and told them about it. They said it was just a water tower on the roof. I was kind of freaked to use the lift, but pickup time was really close so I chanced it, just making it to the lobby in time.

Let It Snow

We were on a short flight over the ski fields and I was so excited to see SNOW!!! I've seen snow in NZ for real annd on tv here, but never seen actual snow in Australia before. The closest I've seen is when it hails so much the ground is white :D

YAY Snow!

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  1. I love the comment about snow! I grew up in Ohio here is the states. We get a good amount of snow every year. In college one of my roommates was from Sydney and her face was so funny when it would snow. It made me realize that not everyone experiences snow like I do!


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