August 15, 2009

Pillow Talk

Here I am sitting in my hotel room bed. The mattress is a bit hard, but at least the pillows are pretty good. I've discovered that the good hotel pillows (at least in mid-to cheap-range hotels) tend to be in the closet on the top shelf, rather than on the bed. Don't ask me why this is, it's just something that I've noticed.

Maybe the ones in the closet hardly ever get used, so they're softer, or perhaps the housekeeping staff have been told to put them there, so the 'expensive' pillows don't get used as much, and therefore need to be replaced less frequently.

Whatever the reason, if your hotel pillow is crap, try the one in the closet. At least it's likely to be cleaner! :p

Some crew I know take their own pillow (rare) or bring a pillowcase from home, to put over the hotel ones (not so rare). I used to bring my own sheet on one particular layover, because the hotel was notoriously icky & we often found unpleasant things in our beds. Let's not get started on airplane pillows, that is, on the airlines that still have them. Fortunately for my vacation time, I purchased the ultra-cute Lug travel pillow set (pink of course!) It's kind of like the PamBee, which Mel of Tampax Towers has, only I'm not quite so luxe as her & had to settle for the slightly more low-rent, but still cute, option. You can get your own here.

Flights today went ok. Two of them were very short legs. I had to work galley which is a full on but challenging post. Luckily I had a really good crew who helped me out where we needed it. This turned out to be a good thing, because we had to sit down early because of turbulence.This meant we had only just handed out the meal trays and were starting on the clean-up. Of course, there were one or two passengers who didn't understand that this meant we couldn't keep coming out to serve them more wine. The captain basically said to get the cabin ready for landing. That pretty much means, pack up your s**t and sit down.

Still, 6B kept insisting on asking me for another red wine. In my company, once the captain says prepare for landing, that's it. unless you;re having a heart attack, we can't do anything else for you except make sure your seat back is upright & your bag is stowed in the o/h locker. One couple in the last row got really upset that they didn't get their meals choice. Considering that I quickly served them for 30 seconds after the landing PA, they were lucky to get anything at all! We landed 10 minutess early due to tailwinds, and some people even complained about that! You just can't win! Having said that, majority of passengers were really nice & understood that we'd done the best we could..

On a side note, if you're travelling in economy, please don't nick all of my hangers from the closet in business class- I actually need them to hang jackets on- for BUSINESS CLASS!


  1. Since I've had my allergy, I've started to bring my own hypoallergenic pillow covers! Not sure if it even does anything, but it keeps my mind at peace! hehehe

  2. My Boss takes his own pillow in is suitcase when he travels domestically - It is half his luggage. The other half is his hair dryer!!! Go figure!!!

  3. When trveling (via auto) within the area, I always take one of my pillows with me because I usually hate the pillows on the bed. I'm going to check out the pillow in the closet from now on.

    Thanks for that tip :)



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