October 12, 2009

Mini RV

Haven't had much time for posting lately, and again I'm heading out the door to fly, so in the meantime here's some pics of my 'mini RV'- the one I use for leisure trips of a couple of days, or training days for work.

It's very mini RV, it fits under the seat in front on the smallest planes, even turboprop 50-seaters. It has a nice long handle, so is comfortable to pull along, and 2 good-sized pockets on the front. My EeePC fits nicely in the main compartment with my clothes, and there's also expandable panels for that extra shopping room!

This was for a 2 day trip to visit family. In my RV I managed to fit:

One day dress (floral pattern you can see on top)
Pair black dress pants
Pair black high heels
Underwear & scarf
Toiletry bag
Adaptors/chargers etc
2 t-shirts
Contact lens solution bottle
Jewellery pouch
(Among other things inc a magazine and so forth)

Of course this packing differs from work trips, because I need more outfit changes on holiday. But as you can see, if you fold smartly, you can fit things in. Everyone has their own system, you find what works for you.

My RV waiting on a train platform, ready for an adventure! :)

PS- Many thanks to John from Adelaide Airport, of course you can let the team know I <3 ADL!!! :D


  1. I have a similar one, in blue.... they are sooooo practical!!

  2. I prefer to travel with credit card only. I buy everything I need on the other side, and throw it away before leaving.

    Oh, wait. This isn't fantasy. Nevermind. D'oh!


  3. Dorrie, I luuuurve tiny bags! :P

    DDW, haha! Only a guy could work it like that!

  4. Lol. Is that list in any particular order?

  5. Nicky (nonoodle)May 8, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    OMG my bag for an overnight stay is bigger! Even my makeup/hair equipment wouldn't fit in that bag. LOL


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