October 5, 2009

TT is Off the Hook!

That's TT as in me, not Tiger Airways, by the way. (I was TT way before they even existed in Australia!)

Well if you have read my Tiger Airways trip report, you may recall I had a little run-in with the staff regarding taking pictures on the tarmac. It wasn't so much being told I couldn't take pictures that was the problem, but that the staff member concerned tried to fob me off by saying it wasn't a Tiger policy, but an airport one.

Boy, she picked the wrong person to use that line on. Thing is, I used to WORK for that airport, and there was never any policy in place at that time, which she tried to tell me had been a policy since 2006. (Wrong).

Anyway, just to clarify and make sure nothing had changed since then, I got in touch with the airport authority. I was referred to their security operations manager. I had a nice chat with him regarding this little exchange. (EDIT: For clarity, the airport concerned is Perth)

The outcome was that taking 'holiday pics', or photos for personal use (i.e. not to sell) is ABSOLUTELY 100% FINE according to airport rules. The only time it's not allowed is if you want to do a commercial photo shoot, in which case you just need prior permission & access agreements. In his words, taking a photo of the plane you are boarding is not a crime, it is not forbidden, and it is most certainly NOT against airport policy. So really, Tiger staff were wrong to say that the 'no photo' rule came from the airport. As the security operations manager said, if it were against airport policy, they would have signs saying so, as they do with the 'No Mobile Phones' sign at the gates.

So Tiger, please tell your staff to stop giving out incorrect information to your passengers. You can tell us not to take photos on your planes (if you really want that crappy publicity on your hands) but you can't say no to us taking our holiday pics on the tarmac!

PHOTO: Zimbio.co

EDIT: Tiger Airways responds that Melbourne Airport advise them tarmac photos are not allowed. Perhaps in the interests of clear information, Tiger should add this to their website, as currently there is no information aside from mobile phones. Interestingly, there's a Facebook group for Tiger staff and at least one photo in thhere is taken on the tarmac at what looks to be Melbourne airport. So, either it's a security breach, or it isn't...

Anyway, I'll always do what staff ask me on board flights, but in Perth at least, I'll happily snap my pics thanks very much!


  1. I would have assumed that using any 'electronic' device on the tarmac would be prohibited for pax. Certainly when arriving in PER on QF and not having an aerobridge gate available they very explicitly ban phone use compared to the normal rules allowing use once off the runway.

    While i'm here, why do FA's seem to ignore noise canceling headphones during takeoff/landing these days? They're fairly clearly 'electronic devices'.

    Great blog, keep it up. :)

  2. so, they're going to stop all those tourists from taking photos while boarding? Take away the camera? delete the photos? boy, that could cause some legal problems. What is there that's so security sensitive? geeeez (and as you know, I know what I'm talking about *wink*)

  3. Hey you have got nice blog and its always interesting to follow the blog of a flight attendant since I can also see the whole world with you.:)
    Anyway welcome to my blog and feel free to follow.

  4. When boarding a LH 747-400 in Dubai, I had my camera plastered onto the glass of the boarding gate finger, focusing on the registration of the aircraft "Sachsen" very close to the L1 door , which was quite clearly visible from where I stood. From behind a "patriotic" German who obviously found photographing his country's aircraft to be a threat, told me it was not allowed. I have no idea why I resorted to packing my camera into it's case immediately, but I did, as I was sure there was no rule at Dubai Airport that photography was not allowed. Fortunately I had photographed the front (cockpit view) earlier from the large glass windows in the departure area within the terminal, where I got the registration on the nose wheel doors, with the letters "TA" on it. I later discovered I had the very same aircraft model at home D-ABTA, complete with the name "Sachsen" on it, and had I to get that photo, I could have proudly displayed it with the model. Sometimes, I wish people would just leave those who want to photograph planes alone!!!


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