April 5, 2011

The Red Shoes

Jaunted ran a story about the "uniform refresh" at Virgin Atlantic. This week, VS has had a few 'news' items including new routes, the launch of their first Airbus A330 aircraft and the arrival of the red shoes on female cabin crew.

Apparently, the highly successful James Bond-style ad campaign from last year, which featured crew in red patent heels, resonated so much with the travelling public that they came to expect the new level of 'glamour' on the crew serving them on flights.

The new shoes will be of a lower heels and different shape to those in the adverts, naturally, as stilettos don't exactly lend themselves to a long-haul flight.

While I did like the look in the tv spot, something about the shoes for the crew just doesn't seem quite right to me. I think the style of the new crew shoe just doesn't work in patent red. Also, with a red suit I personally think it's a bit too much red. Of course, with just a skirt and white blouse it might look fine, but I think they'd have done better to go with black. Either way, those shoes won't last two weeks before "cart toe" takes over. I hope the crew are supplied with (non patent) cabin shoes as well!

Photo: Virgin Atlantic via Jaunted.


  1. "cart toe" haha I haven't heard that term before but that is so true! Those shoes will look terrible once they start getting scuffed up. I don't think it was particularly necessary to get them in red shoes just because they had red shoes in the advertisement, I'm sure people can understand that the red shoes were for the glamorous look of the ad and not the norm!

  2. The poor woman has so much red she looks like a cheerio! lol

  3. Megan, apparently that was the feedback Virgin had. The pax wanted red shoes. Glad my last few airlines never listened to what the pax wanted us to wear, we'd have been in mini skirts and go-go boots :P

    I am SURE they will be "airport only" shoes.

    Cody, it is a lot of red...


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