July 6, 2011

Giveaway Time!

Well it's been awhile in the making, but to celebrate passing 300 fans of my Facebook page, plus all the fun I've been having meeting you guys & the comments on Twitter & Facebook, I'm having another giveaway!!! (Woo hoo)

In keeping with the travel focus of my blog, the prizes I'll be giving away to some lucky winners all have a relation to travel or holidays.

So without further ado, here's the details. I'll have 4 different prize packs up for grabs, each with certain items and a way to enter to win the prize.

AvGeek Pack, pictured below. It contains an aviation-themed T-shirt (Size small, so probably will best fit the ladies or a guy on the skinnier side), a transport-motif notebook from "Paperchase", a set of airplane magnets I picked up in Hong Kong airport & an Air New Zealand light-&-noise keychain.

The next pack up for grabs is the Comfort Pack, it has a jewellery roll to keep your necklaces & rings safe on the go (From Thailand), a hand-made sleep mask with Koala motif (purchased at the Rocks Market, Sydney) and a little doll in traditional Thai dress (also from Bangkok)

The next two prizes are virtually the same, save for some colour variation between the two Accessories Packs.

There's a Thai doll, some travel containers with jets on them, a luggage tag & pass case- Paperchase (for your train or subway pass) an Emirates light-&-sound keychain and either Paris-themed stickers (Accessorise) or travel-themed pin badges.

To enter, you have to be a Facebook and/or Twitter follower of my Traytable accounts to be eligible. You can join today if you're not already following, it doesn't matter (I would prefer if you're joining because you like my page & blog, not just to win the prize ;)

Prize 1- AVGEEKS

To win the AvGeeks prize, leave a comment on my Facebook page (or via Twitter) telling me your best AvGeek story- something funny that happened to you in the pursuit of planes, or even better, post a photo of your best AvGeek experience. The winner will be the person with the best story or photo, as chosen by me. (This prize is not a chance draw.)

Prize 2- COMFORT Tweet or Facebook me your best tip for being comfy when you travel. All the commenters will be entered into a random draw to win this prize.

Prize 3- ACCESSORIES PACK #1 Retweet a link to my blog (http://traytables-travels.blogspot.com) with where you are from to be in the draw to win this pack.

Prize 4- ACCESSORIES PACK #2- This will be drawn from everyone who is a fan of my Facebook page at the time the competition comes to a close. There's no need to do anything to be in the running for this one other than click 'Like' on my page. =)


Each person can enter for Prizes 1-3 only once. Each person is eligible to win only one prize, in the interests of fairness. So if you really want to win a certain prize, then try only for that one. If you're happy with any prize, you can enter all three. (Prize #4 will be drawn last to prevent that draw from stopping you winning a preferred prize if you entered for Prizes 1-3.)

The giveaway contest will close at 11:59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time Sunday, July 10th. Winners will be contacted either by Facebook or Twitter if they have not provided email address. Prizes will be mailed by Wednesday 13th latest. Winners must contact me upon being notified of winning within 24hrs to claim prize (I'm a busy hostie you know and I have only so much time to haul butt to the post office) and provide a valid mailing address.

Photos posted to enter the AvGeek prize must be your own. No taking photos from other websites. It's fine if someone else took a photo OF you, but the photo must otherwise have been taken by you if you are not in the photo.

The giveaway is open worldwide. Postage cost will be covered by me. The winner is responsible for any duties/taxes payable on any items. If there is anything in the prize packs which is not permitted to be mailed to your country, do not enter for that prize. I take no repsonsibility for lost/misdirected mail.

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