August 12, 2011

Travel Stuff

When you travel on the road, it's not uncommon to develop an (sometimes unhealthy!) obsession with travel gadgets and tiny-sized toiletries. It's quite usual amongst flight attendants to have a comparison session in the galley of the most recently acquired "cool stuff", especially after a layover in a new city or one known for great shopping.

Here's a few links to some neat travel stuff I've spotted around in various places in print & on the web. As I just wrote down the links and not the place I was reading, I couldn't actually tell you where I saw these originally, sorry. I just thought they were cool. (I have also not been asked nor paid to feature these items, I just figured some of my readers might like them and are not responsible for any effects on your credit card!!) ;)

I'd always wanted one of these when I was a kid. Until I heard the joke about the Russians just using a pencil. But still, as someone who gets tired of cheap hotel pens running out of ink at the worst time, the Fisher Space pen seems like a pretty cool idea. Especially if you've ever ruined a uniform with exploding ink stains!

Notemaker has quite a range on their website as well, with all the different models. A bit on the expensive side, yes, but then again you should no longer have to be buying or stealing taking your entitled pens from hotel rooms 200 times a year.

Now, for all you Flight 001 fans, they now have their very own site, full of all the travel gadget geekiness you know and love. One cool product I'm lusting after is the Grid-It, a neat web of elastic bands to keep all your bits & bobs (especially electronics) in place.

For someone who's always losing her phone chargers in a carry-on bag, this is a great way to keep track of everything & prevent tangles. (Hint Hint Santa)

The next product up is shown in prototype form, but would be awesome for those long flights where you're stuck in a middle seat with nowhere to snooze. Basically, it's a hoodie with an inflatable pillow built into the hood, so you always have a place to lean wherever you may be- airport floor, train, in your parent's car on those boring road trips... anyway, hopefully this one will be available soon. My notes show Burton as having one, but when I checked their website there's nothing there, so it's either sold out or not being made available here just yet. Still, pretty cool!

Hart & Heim is one of my favourite stores, and you can now shop online! I can always find something cool here, and for those of you who hate packing, or always forget something, here's the solution for you. The Packing List is a tear-off notepad with checkboxes for all of the stuff you might need for your trip. Simply check items off as you pack them and you'll know exactly what's in your bag- even if you're the "pack three things then wander off for 3 hours" type. If you work in an office environment be sure to check out the rest of the pads & sticky notes, including the classic 'Sh!t List' and 'Do This Now' versions. Great cubicle-dwelling fun!!! =)

Have you seen any cool new travel stuff? What's your favourite gadget that makes your life easier?

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  1. burton sleeper hoodie, that's what you're looking for. it rocks!,default,pd.html?start=&q=sleeper%20hoodie

  2. love the idea grid idea looks neat

  3. What a nicely-laid out blog. Better than the one I used to follow on Journalspace by someone with the same name. Except that she was an FA for a regional Aussie airline. Used to trade air travel gossip with AdventureGirl.

    Me, personally, the only gadget I need is my Bose noise-cancelling headphones to tide me through 10-15 hour flights.

    And about that other traytable, she use to think I was a CIA spy because she couldn't figure out why I travelled so much and to some of the most god-forsaken countries in the world. She loved Daniel Craig so much as James Bond, it made me wish I had been a spy. :p

  4. Man, you know, i saw that gridit thing on the other day, and thought I could get a similar thing made here in BKK or next time I'm in South Asia somewhere, where everyone knows how to sew. I just MUST have such a thing. Unfortunately, importing via the post here is hit-and-miss. I got stung, found out the hard way. :(

  5. First of all, my favorite travel item is, of course, my blackberry. I have the BBService in my country so wherever I travel in the world I have internet at a fixed price (per week), phone, calendar, twitter, facebook, alarm, timezone tracker, games and anything else! Secondly, I love your blog (I also read Melissa's) and I was wondering, do you do long haul flights from/to Australia?

  6. Have just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Perhaps you can offer some advice for a first time visitor (from the U.S.) to Australia this coming spring -- who will be traveling with about 20 college students (many flying for the first time, let alone a long-haul flight): Any recommendations for making the flight more bearable? I believe we'll be flying from the U.S. west coast on Virgin Australia.


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