December 28, 2008


Reading other FA blogs, and talking to fellow crew- it's not just me. It really HAS been unusually bumpy in the skies this last week. First up we had a short sector where we sat down almost the whole way, and couldn't feed anyone or serve any drinks.

Many of my fellow crew also reported it being unusually bumpy on their flights as well. We had a tremendous bout of turbulence out of Sydney, big enough that we had to sit in between passenger's feet and hold on to the seats! (This is a common procedure for us if there are no empty passenger seats, and we are unable to get safely back to crew jumpseats.)

Later on the captain told us that he suspected we'd run into the wake of another aircraft.

Yesterday en-route to Brisbane we again had long periods of sustained bumpy travel, to the point it was impossible to walk and coffee slopped out of the pots in their holders.

The Sydney Morning Herald had an article about a woman injured on a Virgin Blue flight when the crew were thrown suddenly sideways and hot water was spilled over her lap. It sounds like the crew did all they could, after all, they can hardly tak her to the galley and give first aid if that would put them in danger. Unfortunately it wasn't safe to get up or let the passenger get up, so in my opinion they did the right thing.

This was the culprit on our flight yesterday:

So, just as a reminder passengers- even if it's smooth as the baby's bum up there, keep your seatbelt on when you're sitting down- it can't hurt, in fact, leaving your seatbelt off is what hurts. If the pilots do it, then isn't it a good indication that we all should too? And yes, I mean you crew, too. All the times you're sitting in the back galley eating your meal (well, wolfing it down is much more likely) But the times you DO get to sit, just remember... we're not in an office here, and it COULD happen. So please look after yourselves out there, we all want to get home in one piece.

In other news, I'm in love:
I wanted these shoes but sadly they didn't have my size... *sniffle*


  1. cool shoes!!! they are very original. Maybe you can find them on the internet and order them?

  2. Oh god, bumpy skies is an understatement!!
    I've been flying between Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart the past four days and its been so bad we had to put our jugs down on the floor and hang on for dear life, one hand on the cart and one hand on the seat beams!!
    I normally love turbulence but this was a bit extreme even for my liking!!

  3. Being a size ten, more often than not it's very difficult to find shoes in my size. Flying to all these cool fashion-forward asian destinations does not help quell the pain! Argh.

  4. Carine- investigations are already underway :P

    SHB- Yeah we had to do the same when we hit the wake, luckily I'd got the coffee pots down in time!

    Thanks D!!!

    Melissa, I know just what you mean, though my size tends to be all over the shop!!!

  5. TT - love the shoes - hope you find a pair in your size - they look very sharp. ATM, I'm gearing up for a MASSIVE New Years - off to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow - and then getting ready to let it rip. Hope you have a big one!



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